Capcom Cup 2020 Is Headed To Paris

The Capcom Pro Tour 2019 has concluded with Derek “iDom” Ruffin taking home a smooth quarter mil and the bragging rights as the world’s best Street Fighter player.

Capcom Announces Next Capcom Cup Will Be In Paris

Kenny Omega, shortly after the end of the tournament, unveiled an updated tour structure for 2020, as well as the next Capcom Cup locale – good ol’ Paris (read that in a French accent). This marks the very first time Capcom will hold the finals outside the USA.

Personally, I hope we get a chance to cover more of these Street Fighter majors in 2020. You always love to see esports (and Street Fighter in general) expanding to new countries and horizons, as the game itself is known for diverse casts, stages, and fans.

Many (including myself) consider Street Fighter to be the original esport, and this video is why.

The 2020 Capcom Pro Tour will kick off in March of next year.

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