We Really Don’t Need a KOTOR Reboot, Movie, or TV Show

It seems like every month for the last year, we’ve had some new rumors about a project related to Knights of the Old Republic. This time, Cinelix, the same website that initially (and accurately) leaked the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV show, is saying that a KOTOR sequel or remake is in development at EA.

Bioware’s Star Wars RPG classic truly needs no introduction, and as far as I’m concerned – it doesn’t need a remake, TV show, or film adaptation either. I love KOTOR as much as the next Star Wars (or RPG) fan, but – as Kylo Ren once said…

Maybe its my cynical, traumatized consumer brain talking – but I can’t see a KOTOR remake being anything but a cash-in. Has EA cultivated some very good will over the last year and change? Absolutely. Was Jedi Fallen Order my Game of the Year for 2019? It sure was. Do we really need a remaster of a game that’s already been ported to every console, mobile device, and PC marketplace on earth? Absolutely the fuck not.

What I will accept, however, is a true sequel. A third Knights of the Old Republic title would be much more interesting to me, and Cinelix goes on to speculate that Disney has greenlit “a new take” on KOTOR that’s designed to “integrate elements from the first two games in order to bring certain things into the current Star Wars canon.” That, I’d pay good money for.

I can’t blame fans for being excited about any news that’s KOTOR related. It’s an incredible, widely beloved title that many consider to be one of the greatest games ever made. That being said, with the state of BioWare as it currently is, and the state of big-budget roleplaying games as a whole… I just can’t share in that excitement.

Cinelix also adds that they’ve heard EA has a “bunch” of different Star Wars projects in the works in various stages of development, including sequels for Jedi: Fallen Order, a potential Switch title, and more. As I mentioned in my review for the former – I’m fully confident that EA’s moving in the right direction with their Star Wars license (finally), I just hope that we get something as original and compelling as they’ve proven to be capable of.

What do you think about all these rumors? Will you be happy with a KOTOR reboot, are you hoping for something all-new, or do you think EA should leave the property alone completely? Scream at us on Twitter and let us know.

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