Man Takes Over Airport Monitor To Rip A Few Games of Apex Legends

Yes you read that headline right, and I cannot help but Stan. A man that was at Portland International Airport decided to yoink the wires from a monitor at the airport, to plug in his PS4 and play some Apex Legends. This is before airport supervisors politely asked the man to unplug his console from the monitor that is used to display information for travelers. Do you know what this man asked? The question we all would. He asked the airport supervisors if he could finish the match. These workers (who are obviously taking their job way to seriously) told the man he had to disconnect the PS4 immediately and could not finish his match.

Photo via Oregon Live

I will not be supporting Portland International Airport ever again after the practices they put toward. It’s just unacceptable. You’re going to leave wires in plain sight, with a 144hz monitor, and not let the man play ONE match of Apex Legends? Ridiculous.

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