Chris Metzen, One Of The World’s Greatest Storytellers, Retires At 42


Well. I’m wicked bummed that I’m posting this, but Chris Metzen, one of the gaming industry’s world’s greatest storytellers, has decided to retire, per his post on the World of Warcraft forums.

Metzen is retiring as the Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development at Blizzard, and has inspired me (and I’m sure a world’s worth of other people) to become better storytellers, dungeon masters, gamers, and fans. Metzen has helped to shape the lore of some of the world’s most successful video game franchises, and has helped to captivate the imaginations of millions upon millions of fans around the world.


“You build a TRIBE…that can build anything.

A family of craftsmen.”

-Chris Metzen

Chris Metzen has voiced plenty of characters in Blizzard’s multiple universes, including Thrall and Varian Wrynn, both the once-and-former leaders of both factions in WoW. Aside from lending his voice to these worlds and characters, he’s lent his brilliant creative mind and unrivaled passion to building lore and telling stories.

In the interest of keeping this as short and sweet as possible, I’ll end this by saying – we’ll miss you Chris. There are some big boots to fill in Blizzard’s storytelling department now, but I have no doubt that the influence you’ve left on the gaming industry as a whole has inspired a whole new generation of talent who just might be up to the challenge.

I’ll leave you all with one of (if not my absolute) favorite moments in World of Warcraft, the final duel of Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream. Thanks for everything, Metzen. Enjoy your retirement!

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