Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Game Looks LIT

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I am so jazzed about the Luigi’s Mansion arcade game(pictures of the game posted below). This is a spin off of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS. This game was originally released in Japan last summer but just made it’s debut to Dave & Busters on the West Coast. Fucking West Coast gets everything first. Might as well take this one too..

Now it’s the East Coast’s turn. I want this game at every bowling alley, mall, pool hall, family function. Everywhere. I want to take my little cousin to the arcade just to show him that Uncle Chris is no one to fuck with. I will take my Poltergeist 5000 and shit in his Wheaties; ruin his day.

Inside the cabinet, you'll find a pair of Poltergust 5000s along with lovely portraits of enemies and characters you know from Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon on 3DS.

This game is compatible for two people to play at the same time too which is dope. You can team up with one of your boys/gals, drink a little bit too much, and go to town. I know that if I had the option of going to a bar and drink a couple too many Bud Larry’s and play Luigi’s Mansion, I would be all over that like flies on shit.
luigi's mansion arcade game

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