Bungie Snatches Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory, Timegates Everything Exciting About New ‘Into The Light’ Destiny 2 Update

For the last couple of weeks, Bungie has had me incredibly hyped for the new Destiny 2: Into the Light update. The new Onslaught mode looks killer, the returning weapons are super exciting, and hearing the devs talk so passionately over the last two livestreams (which have been great!) over as many weeks has been really galvanizing for both die hards and returning players like myself.

Then, I open Facebook Messenger, and see this from a good friend of mine with like 3500 hours logged in Destiny 2:

The last line there was so good I needed to use it for the title of the blog. And it’s true! Bungie is putting the proverbial stick in their own bike wheel with this, and it seems like nobody is pleased with this week’s TWID.

This Week In Destiny confirms that players can only get the new (returning) Superblack shader once they’ve got “all of the BRAVE arsenal,” which means you’ve gotta get all 12 weapons, HALF of which are timegated. This means you’re not going to see that shader until May 21st the earliest. This feels super weird when juxtaposed next to the sentiments on Bungie’s last livestream in which the hosts pumped fans up for 90 straight minutes about how they can grind these weapons to their heart’s content to get the rolls they want and enjoy the BRAVE arsenal that they’ve been promoting so heavily as a game changer for the upcoming The Final Shape expansion.

Sure, Bungie’s not taking anything away here. Nothing that they’ve promised is being pulled back. But at the end of the day, this is understandably a massive bummer for a fanbase that has been DESPERATE to see some signs of life and positive progress from Bungie, who has been under immense scrutiny and pressure to deliver a win lately. There’s been nothing but bad omens for Bungo as of late, and this only adds more fuel to the fire for folks who were already off to the races.

I’m still pumped for Into the Light, but as someone who has significantly less time on their hands to grind weapons than most Destiny 2 players, this is a massive bummer.

Destiny 2’s Into the Light expansion is free to all players, and arrives April 9th.

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