PAX East 2024: Pizza Bandit Is A Must-Watch Title For 2024 And Beyond

Every now and again when roaming the show floor at PAX, I am stopped dead in my tracks by a game that I never saw coming, and Pizza Bandit is one of those games.

From JOFSOFT, a studio based in Seattle and Korea, Pizza Bandit is a third-person shooter title that combines elements of games like Bulletstorm and Gears of War, with movement that appears to be right out of a Soulslike game… With a distinctly spicy pizza flavoring on top.

Pizza Bandit has undergone a ton of changes since it’s inception, and will feature four-player co-op as you traverse time and space to defend your mobile pizza shop and mow down aliens, cyborgs, monsters, and other nasty creatures.

For a studio as small as JOFSOFT, it’s insane seeing just how smooth and polished the movement and gunplay is in Pizza Bandit. The game almost resembled a tower defense / horde shooter title in it’s previous build at PAX West, and now at PAX East we’re seeing a whole lot more toppings being added to the pie.

Controller support felt great, the themes are awesome, and I can see a ton of deployability akin to a Helldivers 2 type game for Pizza Bandit. It’s looking towards early access in the near future, and you can follow and wishlist it right now on Steam.

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