Home Sweet Home Makes it’s Return Sept 25th w/ Ep. 2

One of the most terrifying entries into the horror genre, YGGdrazil’s Home Sweet Home will be finally coming back with episode 2 this September 25th. I have watched the trailer a total of 1 time and I think that is enough for me. I may be the Wicked Good Gaming, horror MOVIE aficionado, but horror games are too immersive for me. That being said, our very own Kyle “FlexKing” will be taking the reigns on the streaming and we will be working together to get a review ready for you all to enjoy.

Episode 2 of Home Sweet Home will be picking up right where episode 1 left off and appears to be bringing in some new key features to the game this time around. Map navigation, hiding and puzzle solving will be returning to the gameplay rotation but it appears as though there will be some new stuff as well. At points throughout the trailer you aren’t just fleeing from 1 monster at a time, but hordes. This is where the light melee mechanics come into play with what appear to be iron spikes, everyone knows those dispel supernatural entities, as well as what seems to be a very important machete. Stay tuned for more coverage of Home Sweet Home Episode 2 here and with FlexKing and make sure to get ready for the release September 25th, just a few weeks away.

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