Riot MMO Executive Producer Drops New Hints About What To Expect From The Game

Aside from the fact that the game will take place in Runeterra (the world of League of Legends and Arcane) – we don’t really know much about Riot Games’ upcoming MMO. Luckily, Greg Street (AKA “Ghostcrawler”) changed that for the better this week on Twitter by answering a couple of fan questions about what to expect.

Group Content and Experiences Will Be A Focus

The former Blizzard and World of Warcraft executive, now helming Riot’s upcoming MMO project, gave us Icecrown fucking Citadel. If he says we’re gonna love the group content in this game, I believe him.

Specific Vision While Playing To What MMO Fans Crave

“Everything is an analogy” according to Ghostcrawler. So when he was asked if they are approaching development with a very consistent, rigid focus or playing to what fans are currently looking to experience in MMOs, here’s what we got.

I think I’m understanding this one as – hey, we think we know what you like. This is an MMO game for MMO fans, but if you love this universe, there will be something to pull you in and get you acquainted with the mechanics later. Am I warm, Greg? Please help me out here.

Sprucing Up ‘Dated’ MMO Combat

I wholeheartedly agree here in that MMO combat absolutely feels dated. That being said, combat in League and Wild Rift aren’t exactly what I’d imagine as ideal for an MMO type game, but I am more than happy to be proven wrong.

There’s Lots of Lore To Go Around

This last one’s way more of a no-brainer, but Greg’s telling us what fans of Riot’s worldbuilding thus far already have known for years… Runeterra is absolutely dripping with lore, and the world feels incredibly lived in and dynamic. I personally don’t know much about Runeterra’s lore (though I am soaking up all I can and learning a ton), and I can’t wait to learn more once the MMO releases.

So, there you have it. The specifics on Riot’s MMO are very few and even farther between, but hey, we know more than we did yesterday. I’ll absolutely take what I can get from one of the men responsible for bringing us classic MMO experiences such as World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, and my hopes for Riot’s upcoming MMO are very, very high. I can’t wait to learn more – so Greg, if you’ve got some time, feel free to come on the internet’s #1 gaming podcast and tell us more. Door’s always open.

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