Rod Fergusson Says Goodbye to Gears and The Coalition to Take Point on Diablo for Blizzard

Welp. Today, Rod Fergusson, announced that he’ll be leaving the Coalition to lead the Diablo franchise for Blizzard. Rod has worked on Gears since it was an Epic Games product in 2005 before moving to lead the pack when Microsoft bought the franchise in 2014.

This is a tough one to swallow. First Dan Houser announced he was leaving Rockstar Games yesterday, and now this? Throw 2020 all the way in the trash. This might be the biggest move in gaming history, at least since Vince Zampella left the Call of Duty team for EA (who of course came back), it’s like if Shigeru Miyamoto went to Sony to develop the next Crash Bandicoot games. It’s just not right. But how can you get mad at a man that gave us so much? Diablo has given the masses such a bad taste in their mouth since the dumpster fire of a mobile game was announced. So it’s nice to see a little legitimacy getting thrown to the Dablo name now that Rod is headed there. Diablo is in good hands.

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