Man Shoots At Pokemon GO Players Thinking They’re Robbers

According to the Orlando Sentinel

A man was sleeping in his Palm Coast area home about 1:30 a.m. when a loud noise woke him up. The 37-year-old looked outside and spotted a white car parked in the road outside his Primrose Lane house, said Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Jim Troiano.

He grabbed his handgun and went outside to investigate. As he came up to the car, he overheard one of the two teens say “did you get anything?” Troiano said.

That’s when the man stepped in front of the vehicle, thinking they had possibly broken into his home, raised his gun and ordered them not to move, officials said.

Hahahah, OH MAN. First off I would like to start off by saying that I am glad that no one got hurt. Now… I think this is fucking hilarious. This poor guy gets woken up at 1:30, grabs his piece and heads outside to rough up these two “robbers’. What a rough night for both parties. These teens are just out here, not doing drugs(that we know of), and they aren’t out causing trouble(that we know of) and they get a couple rounds shot at them. Imagine, we live in a word where you can’t even hunt for Jigglypuff without having to worry about getting popped. Heat breaking, really.

And the way that this man only heard “did you get anything?” is a prime example of jumping into a conversation too late, and at the wrong damn time. Which could be dangerous.. Or fatal?

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