Sensei Buff: Wax on Wax off

Heads up folks, Rob coming to you live I guess…Wicked Good Gaming is getting into their first partnership with another website and I’ll be damned if I don’t slam 12 beers over it tonight. How many of you want to get better at the games you are currently playing? How many of you want to make some money teaching others your gaming crafts? Oh all of you? Good because the crew over at Sensei Buff are here to help you out. is a space where you can put up your gaming content as a “Sensei” for others to purchase and learn from.


If you have read any of my League articles, you would know that I have been playing the game for almost 3 years now. I have my own set of tips, tricks, builds, and strategies for every champion I play, and I can now personally walk you through each one of them. If you want to know why I choose to buy a certain item in a specific circumstance you just need to ask and I can get back to you with an answer in no time. This is the case for every Sensei. It is the perfect way for me to upload a Champion Build/Guide and maybe make enough money to buy a few beers. This is ideal for when I move out to Chicago next month for Grad school. The idea doesn’t even have to stop at competitive multiplayer games like League of Legends or Sensei Buff’s game of choice, Hearthstone. Take a game like Dark Souls 3 for example, I could upload my Pyromancer build and stats. I could go on to explain the best way to take on a certain boss with the strengths of my build and the weaknesses of that boss. Say you get stuck in one section and need a quick walkthrough, you can simply send your questions and concerns my way. The possibilities are endless here.



Fuck scouring forums, head over to , search what you are looking for and have it readily available to you on the spot. If you’re a content creator like myself, that wants to help others out and maybe make some money doing it, Sensei Buff is the place to go. Make sure to keep an eye out for my Wicked Good Weekly tips, tricks, builds, and strats articles over at and stay tuned for more from us here at Wicked Good Gaming, and our hopefully soon to be drinking partners at Sensei Buff.


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