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If you’re like me then you long for the days of extreme sports games. I mean we literally talk about this shit every 10 days at this point. There have been rumor after rumor about a new Tony Hawk game being released for over a year now and Chris and I have been doing our best to stay up to date on all of them. Pro skater Jason Dill dropped another announcement on The Nine Club Podcast basically confirming a new Tony Hawk game to be released this year, but nothing is official yet. What can we do until we lace up, hit the half pipes and tear my other ACL virtually?

Skating Sim 'Session' Gets a Hefty Content Update - Noisy Pixel

My aching, painful knee jerk reaction is to just dust off the PS2 and grind through the UnderGround series and maybe American Wasteland. (See what I did there, Grind Through, I’m a fucking poet). You could even relive the glory that is Skate 1-3 on the past two console generations, since we can assume EA has shoveled that franchise into a grave at this point. There are, however, two other options available right now to stretch those quads out to on Steam and soon to consoles.

Skater XL | Nintendo Switch download software | Games | Nintendo

I had to opportunity to test out Skater XL in Beta and thought it was an excellent starting point for another realistic skateboarding game similar to Skate. That being said I haven’t played it in a while so now may be the perfect time to check out some of the recent updates. I need to get my hands on Session because it’s also supposed to be another incredible take on the Skate formula, but both games seem to be the perfect hold over until the latest Tony Hawk release or the long sought after Skate 4. Let us know if you’ve played Skater XL or Session or what you look forward to more. A new Tony Hawk or Skate 4.

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