Twitch’s DMCA Rules Might Keep People From Streaming The Best Music Game Since Rock Band

Here’s a fun brain teaser: What do you get when you mix a game focused entirely around licensed music (that is designed to be played with an audience), with a platform that is rapidly escalating its DMCA bans?

The answer? A huge mess.

Harmonix’s new rhythm title, FUSER, is one of the best music games I’ve played since 2007’s original Rock Band. The game puts you in the shoes of a festival DJ, and challenges you to keep up with the crowd’s demands by mixing various tracks and genres to keep the party going.

As you might imagine, licensed music is at the core of FUSER, as it is with most of Harmonix’s titles. And as luck would have it, Twitch’s DMCA guidelines have been flip flopping every other day – making it a living hell to stream the game at all.

As of right now, the game has just over 3,000 viewers on Twitch. Not ideal for a game that just came out a few days ago. I’ve been told that streamers need to delete their VODs directly after streaming the game, which is obviously a huge challenge in itself to keep up with. Apparently this is not the case with other platforms like YouTube and Facebook Gaming, per Harmonix’s guidelines for streaming and sharing FUSER content.

My recommendation? Support FUSER however you can. Go stream it on Facebook Gaming or YouTube Gaming, and go buy the game if it strikes your fancy. Harmonix shouldn’t have to suffer simply because Twitch can’t make up its mind.

FUSER is out right now on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

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