NYChrisG, American Sports Hero, Wins EVO 2016 MvC3 Championship

Get my hitta Chris Jesus on a Wheaties box right now!!! I’ll tell you something right now, I don’t care who you are, or how you feel about eSports, but EVO is one of the most electrifying sports spectacles each and every goddamn year. To be completely honest, I don’t follow every game when it comes to eSports, and I’ve only recently gotten into watching competitive fighting games, but when I flipped on ESPN to watch EVO this year I just couldn’t look away.

If you haven’t been been up on your fighting eSports history, NYChrisG is an American competitive gamer who’s widely regarded as one of the best Marvel vs. Capcom players on the planet Earth. That’s a decently big deal. His trio of Morrigan, Dr. Doom, and Vergil shocked the world at EVO this year, as he finally took home a title that he’s sought after for a very long time.

As with any other professional sport, you gotta get hot and stay hot. At EVO 2016 this year, Chris Gonzalez was on another level. Ice water in the veins, fire shooting from his eyeballs, locked in and laser focused. You could see it on stage, you could see it in his play, and you could see the complete opposite in his competition. Even in the match against Justin Wong, which very easily could’ve fit into the final fight scene of a Rocky spinoff, NYChrisG put New York on his back and trucked through.


I have friends who have no idea what eSports are, who hardly know what fighting games came out in the last five years, that watched EVO 2016 with their jaws hanging and palms sweating just like I did. It really is my favorite eSports event, and I think New York City’s messiah just won his way into the hearts and minds of tons of fight fans for years to come.

Just one thing, NYChrisG, when you get put on American currency – don’t forget about the little guys over here at Wicked Good Gaming.

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