You Can Now Fuck in Animal Crossing With a Switch Compatible Buttplug

The Verge: Kyle Machulis, who runs the Buttplug sex toy control project and its Patreon and YouTube channel, created a way to connect a sex toy—in his example, a Lovense “Hush” buttplug—to Animal Crossing, to spice up those island dates or make everyday game-chores a little more thrilling.

The quick and dirty: when you’re doing something in game that causes your Switch to vibrate, so does the buttplug. Whether you are having an Animal Crossing Tinder date (which I had no idea existed but will look into for science) or your just fishing, that buttplug will go bananas. You bring that very attractive individual to your island, dial up the ol’ plug, and smack the shit out of each other with nets until climax, what a world we live in.

This world is so unbelievably horny it is crazy. If you come to my island and I’m taking a shovel to a rock for 3 hours mind your business, I’m a gaming journalist.

Here’s the bad boy in action

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