Xbox One Soon To Support Background Music and Cortana?- About Damn Time

Background music support comes to Xbox One on August 2. Microsoft has not yet detailed how it will work, though one possibility is it will support the company’s Groove Music service. Micosoft’s music service used to be called Xbox Music, but changed to Groove Music last summer. –Gamespot

About damn time. I couldn’t tell you for how long I’ve wanted my Xbox to support background music. I just remember sitting down on my Xbox after school, wanting to pump some Chingy while I play some CoD4. But instead I was stuck playing Pandora on my iPhone 3Gs while it sat on my chest so all of my boys could hear my dope tunes. Xbox Music is going to be hit or miss. And it’s jumping into a tough market with Spotify and Apple Music. I can’t wait to hear the hipters. “Ohhhh how do you listen to music? “Spotify? I listen to Xbox Music…”

Also coming to Xbox One through the summer update is the Siri-like Cortana digital assistant.

Boy that is scary. I personally HATE Cortana. I work IT and people will always ask me the best way to use it and I say, don’t. I have nothing wrong with Siri, Siri is a beast and could pretty much drive your car home if you ask her the right way. But I feel like Cortana is absolutely ass. Cortana is strictly business too. At least Siri says hi and will tell you a story. I say “Hi” to Cortana and she searches the Internet for the definition; lighten up for me one time.

And I have no idea why I keep referring to these digital assistants as “she.” Their names just sound like they could be females? But at the same time, my Siri is an Australian man. Whatever.

Cortana does’t suck. I personally just don’t like it. 

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