BREAKING: Reggie Fils-Aime Looking Like A Snack In His ‘Cappy’ Hat

Look at this. LOOK at this picture of Reginald Fils-Aimé. Nintendo of America’s COO, press conference legend, and internet phenomenon is looking like a fucking SNACK in his new Cappy hat, and clearly he couldn’t be happier about all the stellar reviews Super Mario Odyssey is already getting. No shit this is exactly what I look like on the inside right now. Between Stranger Things 2 tomorrow and Super Mario Odyssey, I might just cancel Halloween party weekend altogether and not leave my house. Who knows. I can’t get my eyes off this beautiful man though, that’s a damn fact.

Super Mario Odyssey drops tomorrow. Get your bodies ready. For more Degenerate Journalism, follow us on Twitter and Twitch. Also, buy a shirt at the official WGG Shop right here!


Papa Dom

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