Android Hunter A: The Wicked Good Review

Android Hunter A is Mega Man esq action platformer published and developed by DigiPlox. Being a huge fan of Mega Man, I was excited to try it out.

The backstory. A robotic uprising swarms the streets and it’s up to you, an advanced Android Hunter, to fight back.

The game throws you in a tutorial stage in the beginning to learn the game. pretty basic. Jump, shoot, dash, and a special shot when you’re rage meter fills. At first glance the art style was pretty cool. It has a modern arcade vibe to it, and the gameplay was smooth.

After the tutorial stage you find yourself at a stage select menu with 8 options of different places to go. All with their own boss at the end. The first stage I picked, I found to be pretty easy. Not many enemies, and easily disposed of. Easy platforming, and a boss fight that wasn’t very hard. Much like Mega Man after you defeat a boss, you gain the ability to use their weapon. I tried to use them on other bosses to see if they had any weakness to other weapons, but the meter ran out so fast I soon abandoned them all and went with just the primary blaster. Second stage had more enemies than the first, but i soon found out i could just run by or jump over a bunch of them. The platforming did get a little harder as the game went on, but it just felt like it could’ve been harder. Second boss fight much like the same. Easy patterns to learn and not much of a challenge. This trend continued throughout the game.

I won’t lie to you, I didn’t finish the game. After I finished 5 stages and the game kind of got stale to me. The stages and boss battles not being enough of a challenge kind of turned me off. This game could present a challenge to younger gamers, but it seemed almost too easy. On the bright side I could see this game becoming pretty popular in the speed running community.

Overall, after I do finish the game, I can’t see there being too much replay value here. If you’re looking for something to kill some time by playing and not having to stress too much, this is perfect. The gameplay is smooth, and it looks great. If that doesn’t do it for you, there’s boobs!

Android Hunter A is available on Steam right now.

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