BREAKING: Has Been Registered By Rockstar Games

To make things even more interesting with this week’s terasers. Rockstar has also registered the domain name for RedDeadOnline and You can see the patent right here.

You might be saying to yourself –  OK, but game devs do this all the time, right? I mean they’re going to use the domain, but it could just be a precautionary measure for something coming for the down the line… My first thought was similar, except actually redirects to – whigh displays the very same image of cowboys riding into (or out of?) the sunset that has been plastered all over Rockstar’s Twitter.

This is just way too  good to be a coincidence, and just like the boys in the Sandlot say about Wendy Peffercorn… Rockstar Games knows exactly what they’re doing.

I have no choice but to raise the RedDeadCon alert system once again to RedDeadCon 2. Everybody should be on the highest level of alertness, and I will report back just in case Rockstar  gives us anything else this morning.

Keep it locked to and @WickedGoodGames on Twitter for more updates!


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