BREAKING: TimTheTatman to Leave Twitch for YouTube Gaming

In an exclusive piece from BusinessInsider, followed by a hilarious video, Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar has announced that he will leave Twitch for an exclusive live streaming deal with YouTube Gaming.

Timmy Tenders went on to explain that this move will allow him to spend less time streaming as he prioritizes his family, and has been teasing this move for weeks now as he’s publicly commented on other streamers and content creators who have made the move – some for mental health reasons, some for family, some for money, all for probably a little bit of everything.

Twitch commented on the move, saying that they are proud of everything that Tim has done for gaming, and that it’s been a pleasure to be a part of his community. Meanwhile,¬†YouTube’s Global Head of Gaming Ryan Wyatt added: “We’re continuing to build something special here at YouTube Gaming across various content offerings including Shorts, VOD, and Live, and Tim is going to be a key part of showing what it’s like to build a successful business on YouTube leveraging all three video formats.”

Tim also added that YouTube has been developing a very strong reputation for being “hungry” and striving to be the best platform out there, as well as how they’ve been “working closely with streamers to improve the product and create a better experience for its talent”.

Tim looks to take his 7 million Twitch followers with him to add to his already 3.8 subs on YouTube as he makes the big move starting tomorrow, September 2nd. He calls the move a “perfect fit” for his future.

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