Call of Duty Mobile Becomes #1 iOS app in 100+ Countries and Bangs up Servers

Call of Duty Mobile has become the #1 iOS app in more than 100 countries after it exceeded 35M downloads across iOS and Android in its first three days


Call of Duty is my shit but mobile games are not. I can’t really wrap my mind around sitting behind a 5×3 phone screen and playing a competitive game. Mobile games are supposed to be like Candy Crush, and Bejeweled, or just something to appeal to the one eye, one finger typers. But believe it or not, I’ve actually played a bit of CoD Mobile – and it plays surprisingly unreal. Last weekend I had a few buddies over, and we say on the couch and played for an hour and a half before realizing how much time passed.

Regardless of how you feel about Call of Duty, or how you feel about the mobile game industry, you can’t deny that 35 million downloads in the first three days are big time numbers and being the #1 iOS app in 100+ companies is dope.. Do I see the longevity in Call of Duty mobile? Nah, I honestly don’t. but hey! I said that with PUBG mobile too. I know it’s flooded with micro-transactions, but you don’t HAVE to buy them (shocker right?). But as of now it’s fun as shit for an iPhone game, plays weirdly smooth, and is really just scratching the itch before it comes out for everything in a few weeks.

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