Not Bad For A “Hoodie Org”: 100 Thieves Win LCS

Just a few days ago, 100 Thieves became the fifth team in history to hoist the League of Legends Championship Series trophy.

The artists formerly known as the “Hoodie Org” have made massive moves in the last year in the League, Valorant, and Call of Duty circuits, and now they’ve got some hardware to show for it. Nadeshot himself had some choice words after the win, reaffirming what he already has known from the start – that 100T is committed to winning.

Of course, the main focal point this week has been the hilarious video of Nade accidentally spiking a giant speaker at 100 Thieves HQ, so I’m obligated to throw that clip in here as well.

Like it (or know it) or not, Nadeshot is all of us. He’s a 29 years old, self-built entrepreneur that has built one of the most recognizable gaming brands on the planet, and has been committed to the competitive scene for almost his entire life. His rosters feature massive names, but 100T still is jokingly written off as a “hoodie org” from haters and Twitter eggs alike.

Well, here we are now. 100 Thieves are the kings of the LCS, and they’ve made it perfectly clear that they’re here to stay.

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