Go-Go Town! Offers Players a Unique Take on the Life Sim Genre

Imagine being tricked into leading something as big as a town! That’s exactly what happens to the player starting off in Go-Go Town!, developed by Prideful Sloth. Go-Go Town! gives a unique take on the life sim genre, with tourism being one of the main focuses.  Bring on tourists of all kinds from celebrities, to aliens, to werewolves, and of course your normal human townsfolk! Each has their own wants and needs from your town.

Your job as mayor involves developing an abandoned restoration project into a town of glory. Construct new shops and attractions to fulfill the desires of tourists, and be rewarded with cash and ego. That “ego” can be spent to unlock additional buildings and decorations to bring your town into a golden age!

The player is shown building and debuting a new building in Go-Go Town!
Build and debut your buildings in Go-Go Town!

Make Your Go-Go Town! Your Own!

Go-Go Town! sports a refreshing, minimalist take on its menu and UI. The character’s inventory displays on themselves with the limit being whatever you can fit in your backpack. Some of the only things displayed in the HUD are your cash, and ego. As you construct your town, you will have a regular rating system that will rank your town in a pyramid style. Using ego is key to advancing your town’s buildings and decorations, which will give your ratings a much needed boost.

Your entire townspace is fully editable, with tiles for water, streets, sidewalks, etc. Allowing players to customize their town to their will. Gathering resources from forests, and mines will allow you to construct each building in whatever place you want. Each shop is led by your choice of townsfolk, and you can choose whatever they produce. You will need to supply them well to keep them running!

Boost Your Ego With Tourism

Having influencers and celebrities visit your town can give your ego a huge boost if they find things they enjoy! There’s some pretty unique visitors as well that each have their own way of interacting with your town. Ghostly visitors will scare your tourists, and will run in fear! However, other tourists will be thrilled! It all depends on what tourists you have and how you treat them! Being reactive to what your town can supply is key to making tourists happy. As a result, you may even convince them to settle in town!

The player and tourists are shown enjoying an arcade in Go-Go Town!
There’s all kinds of attractions in Go-Go Town! for your Tourists and Townsfolk!

Go-Go Town! should fit the appetite of fans that want more from their games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley. With its tourism feature, and managing businesses, it feels like a mix between a city tycoon and a life sim. Go-Go Town! will feature multiplayer, including couch co-op which is a very welcome thing to see in the day of online only multiplayer. Go-Go Town! releases on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in late 2023!


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