Dr. Disrespect and Midnight Society Are Flipping The Script On Game Development

When you’re on the internet, not everyone is gonna like everything. That’s just a fact. That’s the way the world works, and you’ve got to just accept it sometimes.

That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many blind complaints and baseless assumptions for any gaming-related story in the last few months as I have in the past week regarding Dr. Disrespect, Midnight Society, and their Founder Access program.

For those out of the loop, Dr. Disrespect’s studio – Midnight Society – hails themselves as “a new kind of AAA game studio and publishing model over a decade in the making”. Since the studio’s announcement, their mission statement has been to include their community, founders, and professional gamers in the development process of their flagship title. They’re keeping that promise, but some folks can’t get past the three little letters involved in making that happen.

This isn’t an NFT defense blog. It’s not even an NFT blog. I hardly even know what an NFT is. All I know is, as soon as I saw that an exclusive opportunity was being made available to a very slim number of people, I knew I wanted my hands on one of Midnight Society’s Founders Passes which – and hold your breath here if you need to – is delivered as an NFT if you are selected.

I know, I know – take a minute and lie down if you need to, come on back to the blog when you’re ready. You alright? Okay then, here we go.

The fact of the matter is, I would happily pay for a front row seat to have a say in the development of the next World of Warcraft expansion, the next Zelda title, the next Elder Scrolls game… The list goes on. The minutiae of how “Founders” are identified doesn’t fucking matter to me. The seat at the table is what matters, and if you’re as passionate of a gamer as I am, then you’d probably want one of those seats for your favorite game as well.

You can still apply for Midnight Society’s Founders Pass on their website, but there’s only a few hours remaining at the time of writing this blog. Confirmation emails for those who are selected for the program are said to be going out sometime in late April, so best of luck (and firm handshakes) for everyone throwing their hats in the ring.

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