I’m Convinced No One At Activision Watches Their 300 Million Dollar League

Today’s the day for Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Season 2.5 “Reloaded” update. Bringing 1 new mode (probably limited) on 1 new map, along with 1 new operator & 1 new weapon…it’s basically Christmas in March.

I’m not even going to get into how disappointing the public multiplayer scene is, with the sole exception of Champion Hill. I’m here to talk about the small shining star that is the somewhat competent Ranked Play & a small aspect of the update for it.

Ranked Play mirrors the Call of Duty League in which it’s a playlist of all the maps & modes the pros play during their league season. It has seen a lot of praise from finally being released at the start of Vanguard: Season 2. Sure it should have come out at launch. No, Control OT is not determined by capture ticks yet, but still is the same maps & modes that all the pros play. That in itself is tippable at this point. One thing we’re desperately missing when it comes to the ranked playlist is rewards. Whether the rewards be given for reaching certain ranks, winning so many games, or being named the MVP of the game so many times (like seriously why is this even a thing?), there’s many opportunities to be creative & give the grinders some camos/skins to literally promote the playlist. We received a few last year towards the end of the Call of Duty League season to gain some traction for CoD Champs. The pistol blueprint for 20 wins, Krig blueprint for 50, and the AK-74U blueprint for a whopping 100 wins.

Yes the designs were simple, but it was the same gun loadouts that the pros used.

This year, Activision was hoping to hype up the CDL Kickoff Weekend by dropping a weapon blueprint, along with a Call of Duty League skin. The weapon was none other than the overpowered BAR. A weapon, that all pros agreed, was far too powerful to use in a competitive setting; therefore, GA-ing(Gentlemen’s Agreement) it.

Makes a lot of sense.

Sorry for the history, but we’re back to the Season 2.5 update. Ranked Play’s box in the bottom left corner shows we’ll be getting a top 250 leaderboard to view the best of the best in the playlist. It also shows we’ll be getting “New Rewards”! Wow, looks like the developers are actually listening to what we’ve been asking for in regards to the ranked playlist.

One could guess it’ll be similar to last year’s model, but no specs have been announced. An operator skin it looks like, and a couple of blueprints.

Very nice. Very pleased. But wait…that weapon. Is that an STG44?? A weapon that HAS NOT BEEN USED ONCE in the Call of Duty League this season?

Why? Because the pros have also agreed this one is too powerful to use, again GA-ing it.

I just cannot believe the incompetence. How in this world is Activision charging teams $25 million to enter a league that no one at the company watches? They can’t be watching, cause there’s no way this could be happening a second time in 4 months.

Not one person at this company saw the blueprint & questioned why a weapon not being used in the league should be the main attraction when it comes the ranked playlist’s rewards. It’s shameful & disheartening to see the lack of care shown towards the players, staff, and fans that want to see Call of Duty prosper. I’m just praying that maybe there’s more weapon blueprints in the rewards section & just not advertised.

Hopefully that’s the case & maybe we get a couple actually used by the CDL players. Until then, I’ll be waiting to hop in Snoop Dogg’s sidecar so he can take me far from this travesty.

Releasing April 19th, by the way.


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