We’re Taking Our Talents (And Podcast) To Mixer

This afternoon, I was talking to Rob and Chris about what we thought our next move should be to take Not Another Gaming Podcast to the next level. We’ve actually been steadily increasing in viewer count for the live show every week, and if you ask me (and of course I’m biased) I’ll tell you straight to your face that the best degenerate gaming podcast on these internet streets has only gotten better over the last 28 weeks. We’re like a fine wine for your ears.

So, in this discussion, I brought up Microsoft’s “Mixer” streaming platform. We talked a little bit about its viability, whether or not it had what it took to step up to Twitch, and whether or not we should give streaming on Mixer a try. The decision, as we all agreed, was that we’d give it a shot. So moving forward over the next few weeks, Not Another Gaming podcast will be streamed live via Mixer – not Twitch – as it has been for the last 30-some-odd weeks. Will we be back? Of course. We’re still gonna use our Twitch page, so don’t you fucking dare unfollow us. There’s only like 4 of you who do.

Long story short, the hope here is that while Mixer is still in its infancy, we can get in on the ground floor, spread our brand even further, and take this motherfucking podcast (and brand) to the moon. Mixer looks like it’s gonna give us the biggest opportunity to do just that, so that’s where you’ll find us (most of the time) from now on.

Click the image below to head to our Mixer page and shoot us a follow!


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