Nintendo Switch Is The Greatest Console Ever Made (If You Like To Travel)

I’m out here in the Dominican Republic currently, blogging from some surprisingly great resort wifi. Is it secure? Unlikely. Is the content gonna sleep? Even less likely. Have I had a dozen drinks? I am not at liberty to say.

All I wanted to get out there this evening is that the Nintendo Switch is the best travel companion since the passport. The Switch library is comprised of titanic releases. Names like Skyrim, Pokémon, Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Metroid, and Diablo, are frequently seen on my console’s screen. The eShop has retro games, old games, new games, Indies, AAA ports, beloved Nintendo franchises, it just has everything. And they’re all available to download digitally.

Let’s also direct attention to the fact that the Switch fits perfectly on any airplane’s tray tables.

Image blatantly stolen from a five-year old CNET article. I do not know these people.

That’s right. Slide that kickstand open, throw the headphones on, sit back and have a time. I played like four hours of Pokémon Scarlet on my flight yesterday, and looked just like this. And guess what? The tray table still had plenty of room for my pretzels and plane beers (plane beers, for those not in the know, are remarkable).

To put it plainly, the Nintendo Switch is home to one of the greatest video game libraries ever assembled onto a single platform, and surely is the best ever on a console that can be considered a handheld. And yes, I’m counting the Steam Deck.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear – especially for those who don’t read us frequently – I’m a big Nintendo guy. Always have been, always will be. But there’s no bias involved here. If you don’t own a Switch by now, you’re missing out. If you’re holding off for an HD release or a “Switch Pro”, maybe don’t hold your breath for too long. I know not everyone travels the way I do (not to brag but also kinda bragging I am running out of room for stamps in my passport), and for that I have two suggestions:

  • 1.) Travel more
  • 2.) Buy a Nintendo Switch

That’s all I’ve got for now. Boston Breach swept today so I know Chris is happy. There’s a bunch of weeb games coming out this month so I know Bob’s roommate is happy, and I’m buzzed off RBCs (rum-based cocktails) in a foreign country – so you know Papa’s happy.

Have a great weekend folks, go play some video games.

Papa Dom

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