New Oxford Study Shows That Gaming Can Positively Impact Your Mental Health

In a rare collaboration between educational institutions and the gaming industry, EA and Nintendo has partnered with Oxford University on a new study about the relationship between gaming and mental health.

In the study, reported first by The Associated Press, data was collected from 2,756 players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and 518 players of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville via a survey about their experiences in each game.

The researchers said they found the actual amount of time spent playing was a small but significant positive factor in people’s well-being.

The paper said the level of enjoyment that players get from a game could be a more important factor for their well-being than mere playing time.

Academics, video game makers team up in rare collaboration – The Associated Press

Chalk one up for the good guys, huh? Here you are, probably thinking to yourself that it might be a good idea to go outside. Wrong! We’ve got a global pandemic on our hands, chief – and gaming can give you all that sweet sweet serotonin you need.

For real though, I feel like I’ve done half a dozen blogs on gaming and mental health, and this is just another positive addition to the win column for us. Most gamers would probably tell you that gaming makes them happy (even Chris, who is likely punching his desk as we speak).

I know gaming news and headlines can get toxic out there, but this is a friendly reminder to do what makes us happy – playing video games. Gaming is impacting a lot of people’s lives in a positive way, and I think a lot of folks out there who are too lost in daily gaming industry negativity and discourse need a reminder of that.

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