MLB 2017 The Show Trailer Impressions – PSX 2016

Man, oh man. This is the most excited I have been about a sports game in a while. I know that sounds absurd because of how dope some of these recent 2017 EA games have been but MLB THE FUCKING SHOW. And no I’m not super jazzed because I’m a Red Sox fan and at .17 you see the boys absolutely crushing it in center field and we get to have a little Andrew Benintendi action. I put in hours and hours to make sure my player was a gem. 500 foot home runs, packed the fattest dips, could throw you out from anywhere, sweatbands, elbow pads, baggy pants etc.. Being the wash up that I am, it helped me live vicariously through a virtual version of myself.

Do you know what I’m most excited about? Oh, you don’t? Let me tell you anyway

Road To The Show seems to have an actual story mode feel. When you watch this trailer you can see that your coach is saying something to you in the locker room and you can pick your response. Will what you say to the coach determine if you start the next game? Or if your request for a pay raise will go through? Who knows. But that would be unreal. “Hey Phil, you really didn’t do your best out there today.. What happened”? “Drop dead you fat prick”. Benched.

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