ACHES is The Most Hated Man in the CDL And It’s Great For Competitive Call of Duty

Today is day three of the Call of Duty League and I’ve genuinely enjoyed it. Saturday was a day of upsets which is what you need. You can’t have teams that are too dominant – and you need the teams who originally weren’t even in the conversation coming to the light. Gotta keep it unpredictable – which is what we’ve gotten.

Tons of passion coming from the main stage. From Scump yelling at Dallas Empire (0-2 on the weekend, yikes) that they “fucking suck” after Chicago beat them in the opening game..

To Skrapz getting all jacked up after the Royal Ravens swept the Subliners.

But this man… ACHES. The Captain for LA Guerrillas. ACHES caused his team to have to forfeit game two on their opening game vs Minnesota RØKKR for using Hardline – which is a banned perk. Minnesota went on to win on their home turf. After that controversial forfeit – it seemed that ACHES turned into even more of the heel that the CDL needed. With the chip on his shoulder turning into a boulder.

The sign says ” RØKKR got a free W”

This is what the league needs and best believe ACHES can handle it. He’s been doing this shit for a decade. The league needs someone to hate. Someone to boo at to top of their lungs. Someone that gets the crowd all fired up. This is ACHES. Looking into the crowd at a random person and screaming “keep talking that shit” from the main stage. Gotta love it. Can’t wait to see how this league plays out. It’s been fun to watch so far – besides the shitty camera angles and excessive third person. But it looks like there was a huge adjustment from day one to day two. Day three on under way!

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