Most Underrated Midlaner Season 6 LoL

I have deleted a few beers this evening playing a bunch of normal games in League so bare with me guys.  In my personal opinion I may have found one of the most underrated midlaners this season after playing a few games with him…Ziggs The Hexsplosive Expert.

I am on that Gold grind before the end of the season and I am trying to find a new burst/spam mage for the midlane, instead of my typical assassins, so I have been going back to my roots with Annie and Brand as well as Vel’Koz, but recently picked up Ziggs.  Whats Ziggs lacks from the rest, is a hard lockdown CC, such as Annies passive stun, or Brand’s Q, and Vel’s E.  However he makes up for the CC with his semiglobal Ult roaming ability.  The meta has been shifting to more immobile champions especially in the mid lane as well as ADC, so the “pop pop you’re dead bitch” assassins have been falling out of favor, which is typically Ziggs’ main counter.

I believe he has some of the best ranged poke with his Q which after an item or two can really start to chunk out HP bars, and since you max it first, the CD is relatively low so the little guy becomes a serious lane bully.  With proper vision you can also play pretty safe with his W if you see the jungler coming in from afar, and his E is not only a fucking hassle to deal with , but a great zoning ability.  If the enemy team tries to contest a dragon or baron, drop your E in the jungle path and they HAVE to walk through it getting slowed and taking decent damage or just back out.  Ziggs’ Ult is honestly the second most underrated part of his kit.  With ADCs like Ashe and Jhin becoming so popular now, all you have to do is walk 1/3rd of the way down botside river and throw it out at them.  If they are poked down enough by the Botlane then you get a kill.  If not, then the Botlane should be at an HP advantage in lane now.  WIN/WIN.  His laning is pretty safe too because he has so much range and waveclear, so roaming shouldn’t be too difficult especially if you can bully the enemy midlaner out of lane.

But wait there’s more!  Ziggs’ E has an auto kill on towers that are under 25% HP.  This is probably his most OP ability.  Now that first tower gold has become such a staple in ranked and pro games, the ability to bully out a midlaner, chunk the tower down every few backs, and come back to finish it off with his E is phenomenal.  There are champs in League with DELETE ults for champions like Garen and Darius, but no other champion in the game has DELETE E for towers.  I mean don’t get me wrong Tristana can shred towers later in the game, but can’t completely execute them under 25% HP.  I am honestly shocked he hasn’t made an appearance in the pro scene yet from all of the lane swapping and the fact that bot lane towers have no defenses anymore.


So there it is guys, Rob’s most underrated midlaner for Season 6 in League of Legends.  Let me know in the comments if you agree, or if you have another underrated midlaner this season, I’m gunna go drink alone at the bar.  Happy Climbing.

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