Warzone Vaults Can Now Be Opened. And There Tons of Clues Around The Map

Over the past few weeks, players have seen bunkers pop up with keypads that just wouldn’t do anything, as well as Red Access Cards. Well, today update 1.21 rolled out and – you are now able to access these vaults with the Red Access Card which is found in a legendary crate.

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And last night we got our first look at the vault from FaZe Dirty

But what people aren’t talking about, is what data miners found on 4/29 – and that’s there are multiple keycards. Which you can only assume decides what tier loot you get in your bunker/what bunker you can access.

I love to see Call of Duty getting creative. And to me it sounds like they are taking some notes from the Fortnite playbook by trying to make their BR spicy with hidden messages which will come into play at some point. Some are saying that a nuke will be possible in the vault, and some are saying the phones that started ringing around the map are giving clues on what’s to come to Verdansk.

Time will tell, and i’ll keep everyone posted as I know more. But all I know is things are starting to get interesting on the battlefield. And I also know I’ll need to buy another PC if these fat updates keep dropping. But I’m here for the ride.

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