Chicago Huntsmen Sign Prestinni and The Brothers Are Back Together

The Chicago Huntsmen have announced that Prestinni will be joining their roster, and will be reuniting with his brother Arcitys. And I think it’s pretty safe to say tootaloo Gunless, and sit back down General.

We haven’t seen Prestinni since Atlanta weekend, in week 3, and everyone knew something was up. Tweets surrounding him about mental health issues, and after that things just kind of got quiet. Everyone knows when you’re in your own head you can’t do a god damn thing.

Well.. until today.

And the brothers are back together, and it’s a beautiful fucking thing. This is hopefully the move that needed to be done to get Prestinni’s head on straight and have him play like everyone knows he can. And even if it’s not, he has his brother now to get through it. Can’t wait to see Prestinni virtually step into Seattle this weekend, and dominate. I’m favoring Chicago HEAVY this weekend. The twins just won the 2019 Call of Duty World League Championship together, and now they join forces again? My lord. Huntsmen being in third place will not last much longer. This will be a great weekend.

Now get sad with me.

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