Warzone Cheaters Will Have to Have a Hack-Off if They’re Caught

We all know how much of a shit show Warzone has been with hackers. Even more than ever lately too. And with the tens of thousands of bans, they just still keep coming. Well now we have a little life from Infinity Ward letting us know that they’ll be stepping up their game to catch these rat bastards. Including, making the hackers play in matches together – a little taste of their own medicine if you will.

There’s nothing more I want than to see hackers have an awful time. They spend their time ruining the game for everyone, why not flip the script.

I’ve had friends opt out of crossplay for the sake of not having to deal with wallhacks and aimbots. And that sucks for me, because I’m a PC player. Can’t even play with the boys because idiots want to cheat. And we all know how brutal solo queuing is.

While I don’t think this is a big thing that will stop cheaters, it’s a hilarious troll from IW. Look into these reported cheaters, and then queue them up for an aimbot contest. It’ll be the quickest game in Warzone history, and then just immediately ban them all after.

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