I’m Holding Back Tears While Writing This World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Preview Blog

HOLY SANTA CLAUS SHIT WHAT A TRAILER. The Alliance and the Horde absolutely massacring each other, the Dark Lady herself Voidforming (???) and reaping souls left and right, and Anduin fucking Wrynn brezzing an entire ARMY. I’m actually wheezing right now because that cinematic just took my entire life force out of me. I’m about to run through a brick wall thinking of Genn Greymane gutting Horde dogs all over the place. Holy hell.

Battle for Azeroth will have all the expected level cap bumps (now 120) and new zones (Kul Tiras and Zandalar, fuck yes), and will mainly focus on the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. Also, we’re gonna see the emergence of new Allied Races in this expansion, which will surely add a whole new dimension of customization for each faction. Blizzard also announced the new “islands” system, which will involve teams of three players exploring uncharted areas that feature ever-changing enemies and scenarios. No word yet on how varied this is gonna get, but it sounds sick regardless.

Lastly, this expansion’s new Legendary item is called the “Heart of Azeroth”, which will be this expansion’s replacement for Legion’s artifact system with all the power and trait progression coming along for the ride…

Oh, and we’re also getting “World of Warcraft: Classic” sometime in the near future too. Jesus what a day. For more Degenerate Journalism, follow us on Twitter and Twitch. Also, buy a shirt at the official WGG Shop right here!

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