PUBG vs FortNite Title Match Coming Dec. 12th

Amidst all of the controversy coming from the release of FortNite’s Battle Royale mode hitting consoles first, nothing has really been able to slow its progress down.  This weekd urign Paris Games Week, the developers behind the PC early access juggernaut Player Unkown’s BattleGrounds came out with a console release date for the game and it is about time we got a head to head matchup on which battle royale title will come out on top.  PUBG has a good chunk of time under its belt in early access on Steam making it one of the most played and most streamed videogames of all time, however, Epic games beat them to the console market a little over a month ago with the release of the additional Battle Royale mode in Fortnite…and it is FREE!  PUBG “should” be hitting Xbox One on December 12th, just a month away for a total of 30$, which is roughly, if not exactly 30$ more than FortNite Battle Royale.  Though both games have the same concept in objective, Be The Last Person Standing, the methods for which to be that last person standing are incredibly different.

PUBG didn’t create the Battle Royale genre of gaming, H1Z1 did that, but they certainly helped bring it to the forefront of gaming, especially on Twitch.  Access to PUBG was pretty limited, only being able to play it on Steam, however the newest addition to the genre FortNite Battle Royale came out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, again for FREE.  FortNite recently hit incredible numbers of over 10 million players with the highest count of roughly 800,00 players at any given time.  PUBG was able to achieve a total of around 2 million concurrent players which is a pretty incredible task for such a relatively new genre of gaming.  The Battle Royale communities are pretty divided, with half being so dedicated to the hyper realistic nature of PUBG while the rest feel more at home with the cartoonish nature of FortNite.  Along with the cell shading of FortNite, they also introduce one of the most different and important mechanics to the mix with the base building.  Base building and terrain traversal is almost as important as the gun play and once a player can master both, they can be virtually unstoppable in FortNite Battle Royale.  Let me know what you all think in the comments, who do you think will come out on top of the Battle Royale title match, PUBG or FortNite?

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