George and Claire Kittle Absolutely Won Halloween With These Unreal Master Chief & Cortana Costumes

George Kittle, Tight End for the San Francisco 49er is one of the most prominent Halo fans in pro sports. If you’re the execs at Xbox, why wouldn’t you send him a legit set of MJOLNIR armor to rock on Halloween?

The All-Pro TE and his wife, Claire, posted a series of UNREAL shots this week, showcasing (what I imagine) was a nice gift from Microsoft for being such huge fans of their flagship franchise.

George Kittle, who also has an insane Master Chief tattoo on his arm, is basically built like the Chief himself. Standing at 6’5″, 250 lbs – and a ginger to boot (yes, Chief canonically is a ginger), he’s basically the closest thing we’ve got to the legendary Spartan in the flesh.

George Kittle knows what the ladies like.

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