E3 2016: Bioware Blesses Human Race With Preview Of GOTY 2017, AKA Mass Effect: Andromeda



After months of being ABSOLUTELY starved, wandering in the desert of my own mind, praying that the brilliant magnificent glorious baby angel unicorns at Bioware would grace us with footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda… And at the dawn of E3 2016, EA just decided to drop heat rock after heat rock of new reveals. Battlefield 1 looks like one of the most intense FPS games I’ve ever seen. Titanfall 2 (sequel of an FPS I still find to be HIGHLY underrated) looks baller as fuck, and then there’s this new Mass Effect preview. To be honest, I can’t see another developer following up this showing. EA walked out onto the mound, pitched a no-no right in the gaming world’s face, and pimped their way back to the dugout like it was nothing.

As far as this trailer goes, I’m insanely excited to see some familiar races in the mix (well, one – Asari) and some crazy looking new aliens to shoot. The environments look amazing, the atmosphere is totally new yet instantly familiar, and a shot of the new Normandy was enough to make me foam at the mouth.

Now if you’ll excuse me I think I need to call my doctor, because this erection is definitely going to last more than four hours.


E3 EA Press Conference

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