Head Into The Weekend With The New Space Jam Trailer

Editor’s Note: I was trying to think of an Easter-themed blog, but I couldn’t. However, this blog does involve a bunny whose fame rivals that of the Easter Bunny, so I think this works.

Just like any 90s – early 2000s movies that have gotten new-age reboots, there’s been a lot of skepticism about Space Jam: A New Legacy.

With LeBron James at the helm instead of Michael Jordan, and the sequel’s numerous aesthetic changes from the original, there’s been no telling whether Space Jam “2” would do justice to the original and take it to an entirely new level (like Jumanji’s sequels, which I thought were great), or if this would end up falling flat.

Here’s the trailer. Stay tuned after the trailer for a few point-by-point reactions and observations.

A few thoughts:

  • Like I mentioned before, I think Jumanji’s new-age sequels are a great example for how to reboot a franchise. Clearly the producers of this film think so as well, as the “getting sucked into a video game” hook is borrowed straight from those sequels. It works though!
  • I don’t think Warner Bros. is confident enough in the Looney Tunes to carry the film, which is why we’re being taken to this “ServerVerse” which features every other WB property in existence.
  • This is brilliant, since the film will debut on HBO Max which has basically every other WB property on it, driving up adoption and usage of the app.
  • Don Cheadle’s AI character refers to the Looney Tunes as “The Rejects”, which must be a real-life dig at how they’re no longer the most popular franchise out there for kids. Here’s hoping this movie introduces them to a new generation and we see a full-on return to glory for the cartoon classics.
  • I’ve always thought it was incredibly weird that Michael Jordan’s kids in the original Space Jam were played by actors, but had the same names.
  • Even further than that, Lebron doesn’t have a kid named Dom – but his son, Bronny, is famously super into video games. Why not have him in the film and use that as a hook!?
  • I’m just waiting for the dumbass thinkpieces and tweets about how Yosemite Sam shooting the basketball promotes gun violence. Get ready for him to be removed from the movie!

All in all, I think this movie is gonna be great. LeBron gets more than his share of criticism, but honestly he was the only guy for the job.
Here’s hoping that Space Jam: A New Legacy lives up to the original legacy.

Have a great weekend folks, be safe and be good to yourselves and one another.

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