Twitch Streamer Catches LA Local Rescue Employee Throwing Dog on Stream. Employee Should Get Hit By A Bus

Twitch streamer RIPRoyce was playing with rescue dogs on stream in an LA rescue center. While there, it appeared a dog bit a smaller dog which prompted the employee to pick the dog up and throw it. You don’t see the fall on camera, but you can hear the impact. The dog then hid under a bench before RIPRoyce and others in the store went over to comfort it. Due to the graphic material, I won’t be putting the clip on this blog post but you can watch it here. Since the incident, the employee has not been fired, and the shop has made a bullshit statement.

“There was a horrific incident, intolerable incident, which happened at the shop tonight,” she stated. “Thanks to everybody who has reached out with their concerns, because it’s definitely a big concern of mine also. This is a first, rest assured that all actions will be taken to make sure this doesn’t happen again, the employee is no longer with us, and the dog is doing fine and went to the vet.”

Can you believe that there are still monsters that live on this Earth that can put their hands on a dog? This employee deserves the absolute worst. If you’re able to so casually yeet a dog across a the room in the middle of a packed store, who knows what’s happening behind the scenes and how many times this has actually happened. Take your trash statement and shove it.

If there was some sort of silver lining to this whole thing, it’s that an IRL streamer wasn’t annoying for once. They weren’t in public screaming and “pranking” innocent people by fake pissing on their cars. This stream was actually able to bring attention to a mentally fucked human being and hopefully open up a more in depth investigation to see what’s actually happening there.

Dogs are better than humans and anyone who hurts a dog should be thrown to the wolves. Maybe it’s time something is done about an animal getting thrown on a Twitch stream.

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