X019 Brings Huge Final Fantasy Announcements

Microsoft’s X019 event in London is throwing scorching hot magma all over the gaming landscape right now and I’m losing my shit over one of their “smaller” announcements. That being the 3D renaissance of Sqaure Enix‘s Final Fantasy franchise being released on Xbox GamePass. Every major 3D (non-MMO) title released starting at Final Fantasy VII up to the most recent Final Fantasy XV will be going live this holiday season with each rolling out sequentially throughout 2020.

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Picture it’s 1999 and 6 year old Bob sprawling all 5 foot 9, 175lbs of himself across his living room floor, playing through Final Fantasy VIII with his older sisters. Or it’s 2001 and I’m on my third playthrough of Final Fantasy X at 8 years old, 6 feet tall and a strong 215lbs huddled under a blanket with cheetos on deck. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have played through all of these games, but I can absolutely tell you that it is an insane pull for Xbox and any GamePass member. Here I am at 26 now 6 foot 2 at a real hardy, dense 250 oozing nostalgia over the fact that I now have to subscribe to GamePass to access hundreds of hours of my favorite franchise. Basically every game here has merit for at least a playthrough….except the FFXIII Lightning saga. Stay away from that heap of trash, but absolutely dive deep into everything else. Phil Spencer has also come out to say that he is in fact working with Yoshida-san to get the huge success of their MMO Final Fantasy XIV to Xbox with cross play capabilities soon. Good on you Phil Spencer and good on you Xbox for dropping trou and at X019. I have faith you will make some huge plays in the generation of consoles.

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