Quibi is Dead: Raise Your Hand if You’re Shocked

We called it from the jump, there was absolutely no fucking shot Quibi was going to move any needles in this day and age. In a media fueled world with generations of consumers growing up solely on the internet, Cable is essentially going the way of the dinosaurs. This is why we keep seeing every major cable company attempting to cash in on the “streaming services” when in reality, nobody actually wants or needs an Xfinity box for streaming content, we have the internet. Charging people 5$ a month for short form media and buying up exclusive rights to nostalgia trips like Reno 911 just doesn’t mesh well with a generation who favors live streaming content like Twitch.

Who would have thought executives and CEO’s would be wrong about social media and streaming content? Oh everybody except for the executives and CEOs, right that makes sense. The problem with platform designs like Quibi is execs see the success of short form media like in the case of Tik Tok and previously Vine, and decide they want to make it corporate. Buy out exclusivity rights to content people MIGHT want to follow and lock it behind a subscription fee, the only problem is, we as consumers of the internet already have an over abundance of content to ingest for free. I hate to say I told you so Quibi, but I told you so Quibi. If you guys ever need a consultant for your next platform, please contact me first.

Dr. Bob

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