FaZe Ewok Moves From Twitch To Stream Exclusively on Mixer

FaZe Ewok was FaZe clans first ever female member and got her popularity from being a rather impressive Fortnite player. Ewok, who is deaf, got a lot of love within the community from big streamers like Ninja, DrLupo, Mizkif, and others which launched her career even quicker. Ewok is currently sitting at ~285k followers on Twitch. Oh yea… and she’s only 14 years old. She has announced she is leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer with a Twitter video.

There will be plenty of neck beards on the internet saying how this is career suicide, but this is a huge move for both Mixer and Ewok. Ewok, who is only 14 years old has the ability to secure the bag at an age where armpit hair is just starting to sprout. At an age where you have zero stress, and if she does things right she will be able to retire at a ridiculously young age while we all work at a job we hate until we’re 65. Call it how it is, she will get tons of TV appearances just because of her success and how she overcame it by being deaf. Catch Ewok on Ellen in a few months.

As for why this is beneficial for Mixer? Ewok is part of FaZe clan who are evaluated at $240M according to Forbes. And they have billions of people pulling tons of views under that beautiful LA house roof. Let the word spread on how bad ass Mixer is being to Ewok, and watch how quick something gets worked out with powerhouse FaZe. And even if other FaZe members don’t make the jump, FaZe fans are ride-or-die and will support other FaZe members. In return, Mixers numbers shoot up. Unless maybe you aimbot. Then you’ll probably lose a little support, just sayin.

The streaming industry is changing man.. And it’s changing fast. Slowly but surely Mixer is going to be picking people off Twitch. It’s not going to be a sprint, but within this marathon, if Mixer plays their cards right.. They could really make a splash in the gaming space.

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