No Hat = No SlasheR @ CDL LA

This is a guest blog, from a true king – JB Genesis

This past weekend, was filled with excitement at LA’s home series of CDL 2020. But we’re going to take a moment to shine a light on an OpTic player, yes.. OpTic. Regardless of all the negativity they’ve received this year, they’ve managed to claw their way out of the underdog muck that they’ve waded through this opening season.

On top of their unwavering crowd favoritism (yes that’s sarcasm) they’ve had their fair share of personal speed bumps. One, least expected, coming from SlasheR. This past weekend, on Saturday, the CDL required the fan favorite to cover up his beloved “lucky hat” Oakland A’s logo with a piece of duct tape, in fear of copyright infringement. This has never been a problem in the past when this top fragger was playing for 100 Thieves (RIP). Blame it on the franchising.

Family, and owners alike, did not take kindly to the CDL board’s request. Owner Ari (@arisegal) Segal, as well as SlasherR’s Aunt (who frequents tournaments and local games) reached out to the Oakland A’s, and requested that SlasheR be allowed to wear his “lucky hat” without any consequences. After a slight back and forth with the CDL, and proof of approval from the Oakland A’s, SlasheR was able to represent his luck and pride on Sunday’s CDL event.

Overall, OpTic and SlasheR had an amazing weekend, winning two out of their three matches, and rising from 12th to 8th . I hope to see more out of this star as the season continues.

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