Red Dead Redemption 2 Drops First PC Trailer and It’s Beautiful AF

*kisses fingers like an Italian Chef*

Rockstar Games has shared the first trailer for the PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and gives us a little insight into this gorgeous open word running at 4k and 60 FPS, and weighing on at 150 GB on the hard drive. For those wondering, the song is Mountain Hymn by Rhiannon Giddens – fresh off the RDR2 soundtrack.

This game has been enhanced for PC and not just with fluff.. I’m talking legit graphic enhancements that include:

  • Improved snow trails, grass and fur textures, and reflections and higher res shadows
  • Increased draw distance
  • Unlocked resolution (4K and up)
  • Ultra wide aspect ratio with multi-monitor support
  • Unlocked frame rate
  • And more..

RDR2 Role playing is going to be so dope.

I’ll update this blog as more info pops up

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