Richard Lewis SLAMS Journos at eSports Awards 2019

Richard Lewis aka Big Dicky Lewis aka eSports Journalist of the Year 2017 and 2019 aka MY FUCKING KING, decided to take his time at the annual awards ceremony this year to make a statement and I am in awe. For the past few years some of the larger journalist sites have been force feeding readers politically pushed articles attempting to highlight ONLY the negative aspects of the gaming landscape. It has come to a boiling point with the umbrella media corporations taking a stand after consistent backlash and the exponential decrease in their traffic. For example, G/O Media’s editorial director, Paul Maidment told the staff of Deadspin to “stick to sports” causing a domino effect of resignations, protests, but also many more voices chiming in unison agreeing. This has flooded over into the gaming segment of journalism with articles being published daily with limited research making unsubstantiated accusations all throughout the industry and people are exhausted. Richard Lewis wanted to call out those sites and make it very clear that real journalists do not agree with their approaches or their bully tactics.

My King!

I truly wish Lewis was holding that mic himself so he could have punted it into the fucking mezzanine after calling out Polygon, Waypoint, and Kotaku for their damning practices in the industry. Lewis first defends the ideal that “our thing”, gaming is for “us”, the gamers and goes on to beat these sites into a ditch on the side of the road. Lewis then goes on to point out the lack of integrity, lack of sources, unoriginal opinions, and the continued promotion of gaming hit pieces. He also mentions some reputable sources within such companies like Cecelia D’Anastasio of Kotaku who shine bright and stand out in the midst of all these muddling attempts at journalism. Richard Lewis closes out his statement with a heartfelt notion that we are all here because we care about the industry and allow me to say Richard, we care about you. We care about where this industry will go, we care about how it will get there, and it’s a great feeling knowing there are beacons of real journalism in this crazy world of gaming. I cannot wait for the day where you are making the announcement at an upcoming eSports Awards ceremony, that the 3 local degenerates from Wicked Good Gaming have won eSports Journalist of the Year.

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