Data Miner Leaks Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 200 Player Battle Royal Details & Map

According to data miner Senescallo, who previously shared a list of upcoming DLC maps – he’s shared some information as well as the map for Modern Warfare’s Battle Royal.

In common BR style, there will be solos, duos and squads. Dropping into a massive map with 199 other players to scoop up loot and duke it out. But in this Battle Royal, there will actually be something different. There is the Gulag. This is where you go when you die in the main game to fight your way back into the match through a 1v1 fight. While the rest of the Gulag watches, only two players can battle at a time to get back in the game, but occasionally there will be a jailbreak – where all players in the Gulag get thrown back into the match.

This is a very aggressive BR, but we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Before the game even came out, I knew that when Modern Warfare inevitably rolled out a Battle Royal mode, it had to be game changing, especially after Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode being a dumpster fire.

The Gulag sounds pretty cool actually and for sure it’s something different. Instead of players just jumping back to the home screen and queuing up again, it keeps them involved in their current game – and in return should reduce queue times. We’ve seen a bunch of different ways to respawn back into BR’s, but this is the most creative. More creative than picking up a card and bringing it to a bus or beacon. I’m assuming you can only fight your way back into the match once, but with the ability to rejoin the match through a 1v1 or through a jailbreak, there is potential for some high kill games.

It doesn’t seem like this DLC is being rushed, which is always nice to see. And before it’s released I hope they fix the actual game. This could be a ploy to sell more games around the holidays, but business is business and I get it. I’m not necessarily gung-ho about this BR, but I respect trying something different.

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