Australian Police tell Pokemon GO Players to Stay out of Their Station




aus police

Thats hilarious. Darwin Police asking politely for people to stay out of their station. “You don’t actually have to step inside in order to gain the pokeballs.” These police officers know their shit. This is why the crime rate is through the roof in Australia, because the PD have their heads buried in their phones looking for Weedles. I honestly think I would intentionally get myself put in the pen just to catch Sandshrew.

I have gone to ridiculous lengths already to catch these pokes. Intentionally getting caught at red lights, leaving my house at 2 AM because “I forgot my wallet at Steve’s”, giving my little sister my phone because she’s going to her boyfriend’s house on the beach (good water Pokemon). Going to jail for one? No big deal.

And why they throwing shade at my man Sandshrew? That dude is badass. Look at him. “Sandshrew isn’t going anywhere fast.” You kidding? He got bitches he has to go see.




Look at those biceps and quads, absolutely yoked. And those baby blue eyes??? Shrew is a heartbreaker.

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