Ash Williams Does Jacksonville

Ash Vs Evil Dead is slated to come back onto Starz in October for spooky season, but a new trailer dropped the other day and Ash fangirls like myself have been shitting bricks ever since.  Let it be known to the jury and put this on record, I Rob Troisi consider the Evil Dead franchise to be the epitome of campy horror and I will bare knuckle brawl anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.

His Element

I realize we are still a few months out of spooky season, but I cannot hold back my excitement any longer.  Holy fuck I need me some Ash Williams, chainsaws, boom sticks and deadites.  This season throws Ash into his element, surrounded by sleazy half naked women around a keg at a Jacksonville pool party, and of course they are all swooning over the King.  Of course, the season can’t be just Bud Lights and Babes, and thanks to this new trailer we get too look forward to seeing the crew reunite and some deadites get gutted.


Enjoy The Gore Friends






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